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Bees at Work


Making honey isn't easy for the bees.

If you wanna help the bees, leave their honey bee!

A huge thank you to Vegan Queen V for playing a huge role in this upbeat project. Here is a behind the scenes shot of the making of the original video.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-06 at 18.57.55.jpeg

This project is a production of Bonobo TV, with support from the Bitesize Epiphanies team. For more information, please visit their website. 


The Atlas Vegan School in Uganda has been thrilled to get involved with the waggle dance project. We have been hugely impressed with their creativity and pro-active approach to create their own take on the waggle dance.

Atlas WD May 3 Still 1.jpg

Words & Music: Jen Armstrong (aka Vegan Queen V), Geoff Francis, Darren Ginn

Voices: Jen Armstrong & Darren Ginn

Guitar: Robin Pearson recorded by Jim Bell at All Out Music, London

Mixing, Mastering & Additional Percussion: Jim Bell - All Out Music, London

Additional percussion: Emrah Kotan - recorded by Andrew Fazackerley at Norman Forest Studio, Atlanta, Georgia

All other backing tracks: Darren Ginn

Production Design, Filming & Editing: Paul Windridge

Logo Design & Animation: Tony White

Published by Bonobo TV Publishing (copyright 2023)

A production of Bonobo TV Publishing in association with Bitesize Epiphanies

For Bonobo TV Publishing; Darren Ginn, Dr Peter Finlay, Paul Windridge, and Geoff Francis

For Bitesize Epiphanies: Francesca Cook, Sam Roblett, Jessica Webb

Special thanks to Jason Watkins and Weymouth College,

Very Special Thanks: Students, Staff & Musisi Mike (Founder and Director) - The Atlas Vegan Community School, Uganda

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