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We Are a Non-profit collaboration
of artists & Activists

We are a non-profit organisation run by collaborating artists and activists. Here at Bitesize Epiphanies, we create multi-media projects consisting of animation, poetry, and music. We run campaigns around our creative projects, to raise awareness of urgent issues that impact people, the planet, and animals.


Animation connects to the audience through creative storytelling. Despite this potentially fictional approach, we focus on facts and aim to accurately reflect the reality of the issues that we raise. Before entering the creative process we research deeply into the selected issue and hold many meetings with passionate discussions on the matter, whilst sharing and analysing our resources.

What We Do

Creative Process

As with most creative processes, it's organic. We do set a guideline plan to add a bit of structure, but plans are made to be adapted. We build on each other's ideas to evolve an initial concept into the end result. Animation crosses borders, more so than traditional documentaries. Our campaigns cross borders by touching on taboo topics. Animation, accompanied by the fusion of poetry and music, is a powerful trio.


We collaborate with a wide network of like-minded compassionate people, who are also raising awareness about the topics we are covering. Our campaigning continues the creative process, as we conjure a variety of ways to promote the project. From street showings to festival applications to drip-feeding content on social media, we love to get creative in our outreach methods too.


Geoff Francis

Co-Founder, Artist, Photographer, Writer, Poet, Lyricist and Film Maker

Geoff is a “serial social entrepreneur” with a string of successful projects to his credit, mainly in music, film, food, and art, all sharing a strong ethical component.


Francesca Cook

Co-Founder, Short Film Director, Animator & Artist

Francesca is an ambitious artist and activist. She is the founder of Goya Studios Limited, an animation studio that produces creative projects for charities, musicians, authors, and conscious brands.

Meet the Team


Darren Ginn

Co-Founder, Multi-Talented Musician, Teacher & Director

Darren's professional affiliations have included serving as board member and music director for several non-profit organizations all doing work through music to benefit a wide range of issues facing children and communities in need.


Sam Roblett

Co-Founder, Administrator, Campaign Manager & Activist

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Contact Us

We love to collaborate with like-minded artists and activists. If you want to get involved, please get in touch.

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